5 Axis Simultaneous Machining Center

5-axis synchronous machining of the KFO series can be used for multi-faceted processing of workpiece clamping positioning at one time or processing deep hole mold and inverted hook area. Three-axis structure using box-type construction design, which can effectively improve the rigidity of the machine. X / Y / Z axis with high rigidity roller type linear guideway, with high rigidity, fast moving, low wear and other characteristics, which can greatly enhance the processing dynamic precision and stability and effectively increase production efficiency.

  • Adopting a cradle rotary table, A-axis rotation angle of -30°〜120, C-axis up to 360°continuous rotation.
  • Built-in spindle design adopted, with high speed and high rigidity merits.
  • With high efficiency tool arm magazine, changing tool quickly and stablely, it is very trustworthy.


5 Axis Machining Center

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