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Máy uốn thép hình thủy lực FACCIN

Máy uốn thép hình thủy lực FACCIN
Máy uốn thép hình thủy lực FACCIN
Uốn các loại thép hình như: ống tròn, ống vuông, cây tròn đặc, dầm H, I,T. Thiết kế dạng đứng, dạng nằm ngang hoặc kết hợp cả hai.

Advanced technology for profile bending

Series RCMI angle rolls are expressly designed for rolling profiles with high resistance to bending. This is the reason why the structures are heavily dimensioned and are built with heavy thickness plates of certified quality steel. They are Electro-welded and heat treated to release the internal stresses. The solidity of the structure is in fact an essential parameter to guarantee reliability and precision through the years. The RCMI angle roll series’ superior quality is also guaranteed by a complete set of accessories supplied as standard equipment. 

Superior rolling precision

The large series of rolling dies supplied as standard equipment enables the bending of all standard profiles (including beams, columns, and channels rolled on edge). The adaptability of this special modular system guarantees the best possible guide for the section during the complete rolling process. The 4 lateral guide rolls, as standard are independently adjustable in 6 directions to assure the best control of rolling on one plane, to calibrate diameters and to prevent asymmetrical sections from twisting.