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Máy xung điện CHMER

Máy xung điện CHMER
CHMER Die sinker; Die sinker; Máy xung điện CHMER; CHMER; CM323C; CM434C; CM655C; CM865C; CM1065C; CM1265C


The machine structure is desgined by advanced CAD system to ensure to deformation-free performance and high accuracy machining.
Table surface is hardened to high hardness by high frequency heat treatment for maximum wear resistance.
Precision ball screws on X,Y,Z-axis provide smooth transmission and high accuracy traverse.
The machine structure is manufactured from high qulity cast iron (FC30), seasoning treated and tempered to relieve stress. THis assured high rigidity, deformation-free and dependable machining accuracy.
The spindle feed on linear motion guides to ensure long term accuracy and durability.
The machine structure is designed via computer analysis to anti-pull, anti-press and anti-stress, ensure machining accuracy.


Stable, cast construction.
Dialog control system.
High precision ballscrews on X,Y,Z.
Linear guideways X,Y,Z.
Anti-arc circuitry.